• IDF 350 Oil/Diesel

  • IDF 350 LP/NG

Indirect Fired Heaters – IDF 350 Series

Fuel Types: LP/NG + Oil/Diesel
Industrial grade, robust & dependable heating


  • Standard Lifting Bail Included
  • Can be configured with 2 x 12” or 1 x 16” Outlet front Cap
  • Industrial Grade Beckett Burner (Oil/Diesel Version)
  • 42 US Gallon Environmental Spill Containment Fuel Tank Included (Oil/Diesel Version)
  • Optional Heat Recovery System Available to Minimize Service Calls (Oil/Diesel Version)
  • 3-Trials for Ignition (LP/NG Version)
  • Ball-Valve Switchover from Propane to Natural Gas (LP/NG Version)
  • GeniSys Controller with Diagnostic Reader (Oil/Diesel Version)


IDF Series

Safety. Reliability. Versatility. Performance.

Frost Fighter offers more features than our competition.

The “IDF” replaces the previous “OHV” model – with increased efficiency, durability and higher temperature rise.

Shared benefits / specifications:

  • Fully Insulated jacket – Cool to the Touch, – plus enhanced efficiency and temperature rise
  • Satin Coated Steel + Powder Coated Paint – resists rust and prolongs durability
  • Durable Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger – increase heater life
  • Universal Duct Attachment – easily attach either Pin Lock or Belt Cuff Duct Styles
  • Polarity Light Indicator – instant notification of sufficient or proper power to the heater
  • Independent Fan & Blower – ensures better light-offs & combustion control
  • Heavy Duty 6-Ply Tubular – increased ease of mobility and durability in cold weather.
  • 81% US Efficiency Rating / 91% European Efficiency rating

IDF: Portable and Versatile Standard Heater for numerous applications


  Capacity Electrical Requirements Air Flow Motor Shipping Dimensions Shipping Weight Approval
IDF350 Oil/Diesel 350,000 BTU/h 115V / 15Amp 2,500 CFM 1/2Hp 83”Lx37”Wx52”H 580lbs CSA
IDF350 LP/NG 350,000 BTU/h 115V / 15Amp 2,500 CFM 1/2Hp 83”Lx37”Wx52”H 580lbs ETL