Field Installation Instructions

Name Rev. Title Application
FII-003 1 Changing from 230V to 208V IHS 700 – 230/208V
FII-004 1 OHV Controller upgrade from R7184 to R7505 IDF/OHV OIL
FII-005 1 VFD Motor Bump IHS 700 with VFD
FII-008 2 Manifold Pressure Adjustment IDF/OHV LPNG
FII-009 1 IDF Heat Recirculation Installation IDF/OHV OIL
FII-010 1 Duct Connection Ducting
FII-011 1 IDF Filter Change IDF/OHV OIL
FII-012 1 Nozzle Change IDF/OHV OIL
FII-013 2 Smoke Test and Adjust Air Settings IDF/OHV OIL
FII-014 2 Setting Electrode Gaps IDF/OHV OIL
FII-015 2 IDF High Limit Test and Replacement IDF/OHV OIL
FII-016 2 Fan Switch Adjustment and Replacement IDF/OHV OIL
FII-017 2 Checking CAD Cell IDF/OHV OIL
FII-019 1 Pressure Adjustments IDF/OHV OIL
FII-020 2 Slide Plate Adjustment IDF/OHV OIL
FII-021 1 Electrode Drawer Assembly Replacement IDF/OHV LPNG
FII-022 1 LPNG High Limit Test and Replacement IDF/OHV LPNG